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University Facility Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB)

Colorado State University

2017-2018 University Facility Fee Advisory Board Members

Mission Statement

Name College
Tristan Syron College of Liberal Arts
Vice Chair
Nick Bohn College of Business
Flint Corliss College of Agricultural Sciences
Haley Hopkins College of Business
Brye Windell College of Engineering
Kaitlyn Bentivegna College of Health & Human Sciences
Anthony Taylor College of Liberal Arts
Grace Clark - Rabinowitz College of Natural Sciences
Dillon Donaghy CVMBS
Arnold Paecklar Graduate School
Kenzie Schmitt Warner College of Natural Resources
Members at Large
Tyler Siri ASCSU
Kyle Ray CVMBS
Associate Members
Ken Schmidt College of Agricultural Sciences
Natalie Miller CVMBS
Jacob Royer College of Natural Sciences
Rebecca Rathburn College of Health and Human Sciences
Patrick Donovan Warner College of Natural Resources
Caroline Matz College of Liberal Arts
Tom Satterly Advisor
Simon Tavener Co-Advisor
Sandy Sheahan Ex-Officio
Becca Mueller Program Manager
Kristi Buffington Facilities Management
Tamla Blunt Plant Sciences